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Rafferty's Rules

Traditional Irish Songs and  Music
for pubs
wakes, weddings
& hooleys.
(3 weeks notice required for wakes!)

Rafferty's Rules is at the cutting edge of Adelaide's Irish Music Revival. Our formula is simple:-

  • We sing songs that people know and love and can sing along with, even dance to!

  • The songs (both old & modern) range from sensitive ballads to rousing 'in your face' singalongs and patriotic Irish songs, inter-mingled with some lively jigs, reels & polkas.

  • Traditional instrumental accompaniment includes guitar, banjo, mandolin, button accordion, concertina and bodhran.

Come and see us at one of Adelaide's Irish Pubs. We have a great time and so will you!

For further info on Rafferty's Rules
Contact: Peter Thornton

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