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6-8 July
Swansea Shanty Festival
21-22 July
Jork-Hamburg Shanty Festival
29 July
Korsør Folk Club
3-5 Aug
Fete du Chant de Marin - Paimpol
24-27 Aug
Portsmouth Shanty Festival
30 Aug
Folkclub Twente - Enschede
31 Aug - 2 Sept
Hafenfest Shanty Festival - Lubeck
7-9 Sept
Vegesack Maritime Festival - Bremen


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Many of our friends have asked us to keep them posted on what the band is up to during this year's tour. Watch this space for the latest updates on our adventures in Europe during 2001.

Living on an old ship was fun for a week but we were glad to arrive at our hotel in Vegesack on Thursday evening (a day early!) where we could unload all our baggage and instruments from the van, have a nice hot shower and relax in the privacy of our own rooms - luxury indeed! This was the last festival we would be playing at in Europe & the last chance to catch up with the many musician friends we'd made in our travels. After sleeping in until lunchtime on Friday and missing breakfast (!), we went next door to a small bar called the Faehrhouse (ferryhouse), where Gerhard, the very friendly landlord plied us with coffee and cheese and brought out the local Bremen newspaper with our photo plastered all over the front page!
The organisers put on a big welcoming party in the evening for all the performers and local dignitaries. They were very pleased to have an Australian band in their midst (the first time there) - apparently our reputation had preceded us and they made us extremely welcome. Unfortunately, the weather was not so kind as it started raining on Friday evening and barely stopped for the whole weekend. The outside stage where we were to play on the Saturday evening had to be dismantled because it looked like the river would overflow and wash it away, so we performed in the Faehrhouse instead to a very crowded room of people. The other performers were in the same boat of course (no pun intended!) as most of the concerts had to be moved inside to small venues. It was a shame, because the organisers had gone to a lot of trouble and we really felt sorry for them, they were such nice people. In view of the quality of the acts there, we were a little surprised and quite honoured to find we had been given top-billing, being asked to give a 90 minute performance on the main stage just before the finale. Once again, the organisers had excelled themselves and arranged a wind-down party for all the performers at the end of the festival. It was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to get together for the last time and say farewell to our friends, people from Germany, Brittany, England, Wales, USA, Denmark, Poland The Netherlands and (of course) Australia - what a party that was! I must say that festival organisers in Europe really know how to look after the performers and make them feel welcome. It was still a great festival, we had a great time and hope to be back there again someday.

Annie & I are now back home in South Australia, trying to settle back into our everyday life after being on tour for almost 3 months. We're glad to have arrived safely, considering the recent happenings in the world and we're happy to be back on Australian soil - we're still the "lucky country"! Our 4th overseas tour with Rocky River was a wonderful experience and a great success and I'm sure we have reinforced our position as one of the world's leading bands in our field. We're very conscious that we are representing our country over there and take a lot of pride in how well we play and conduct ourselves. We certainly had a wonderful response to our performances from audiences, festival organisers and fellow musicians alike and we've had quite a few invitations to festivals and other events in Europe next year. We'll give that some serious thought - we'd love to do it again but it will depend on finances, our own committments and of course, the situation on the World.
We hope you have all enjoyed reading about our travels and adventures - perhaps some of our young fans from Yarrilee School will be inspired to follow in our footsteps one day. All the best and keep Australian folk music alive!

............ Pete