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Many of our friends have asked us to keep them posted on what the band is up to during this year's tour. Watch this space for the latest updates on our adventures in Europe during 2004.

After a couple of days rest on Okseoerne Island we headed back to Korsor in Denmark to spend a few days with Helge & Ann Marie. While we were there we played at a great little pub called the Bagergaarden - the place was packed and it turned out to be a wonderfully intimate concert, perhaps a turning point for us because we've become a lot more settled and used to each other's songs and we're now building on our repertoire. We've even learned a song in "plat deutsch" and were able to sing it at a special 70th birthday party for Helge's parents. It was sad to leave Denmark but it's the nature of touring and it's like that everywhere we go - "folkies" are such wonderful people all around the world, just like a big family! We arrived back on Okseoerne Island (for the 3rd and last time - what a place!) on Tuesday 3rd August, gave an acoustic concert for all the visitors in the island pub the next day, then had to say farewell to our friends there for the last time. On the Thursday night we played in The Shamrock, an Irish pub in Flensburg. The publican was a musician himself and also a sound technician. The event had been publicised very well (thanks to Rudiger Fleck) so all the ingredients were there, lots of people, a great sound and we were really firing, so it turned out to be a very successful night and nobody wanted it to end. Still, we had to tear ourselves away once again to travel to Vegesack for the Festival Maritiem which started on Friday evening. We arrived there a bit later than intended because of delays on the autobahn. We eventually got there with only an hour to spare before playing at the opening concert - a bit unnerving but things worked out okay and we made a big impression it seems because people kept coming up to us the whole weekend to say how much they enjoyed our music. More news about Vegesack next week!
Click here to see the latest photos from this year's tour ..... Pete.

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24-27 June
9 July
Old Castle Concert - Brittany
15 July
24-25 July
Gruenendeich-Hamburg Shanty Fest
29 July
Cafe Baggergaarden - Korsor
5 Aug
The Shamrock - Flensburg
6-8 Aug
12 Aug
Cafe de Koevorder - Idskenhuizen
14-15 Aug
Zuiderzee Museum - Enkhuizen
27-29 Aug
4 Sept
Slag op t Weide - Giethoorn